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Dropping The Big Ship Part 2

In the March issue, we followed along as the crew at Early Classic Enterprises converted the front of its new Project Suburban from a 3/4-ton work wagon to a 1/2-ton cruiser.  The company's new conversion drop spindles and brake components were easy to install, and simplified... read more

Dropping The Big Ship Part 1

In the world of sport utility vehicles, the Suburban has long been at or near the top of all urban assault vehicles. Since the late '30's, Chevrolet has been building the ultimate vehicle for both work and play. Ask any truck owner with kids what they dislike most about their ride and the general... read more

Stopping The Rattles

As much as we love our classic trucks, they simply are not as quiet inside as newer vehicles. Much of the problem stems from worn-out window weather-stripping and seals, which allows air to pass through the door and window edges into the cab while traveling down the highway. Factor in years of use... read more