The spindle manufacturing process begins with our American-Made castings, which are poured using 65-45-18 ductile iron into a Series III Continu-Matic mold handling system. This allows for a faster production line without sacrificing quality. A word of caution - beware of companies that use foreign-made, low-cost castings with little to no quality control. After all, how much cheaper is an economy spindle after it fails? The weight of your truck rests on your suspension, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Early Classic!

The High Quality Series III Continu-Matic Mold Handling System
Raw castings are heat-treated for stress relief, annealment and normalizing

     After finish preparation, the raw castings are heat-treated for stress relief, annealment and normalizing. This insures that every Early Classic spindle conforms to MIL-1-45208-A standard specifications.
     With this attention to detail, you can see why we have no problem putting a lifetime warranty on every spindle we make.

    Our Haas CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining Center
Haas Automation and Early Classic Enterprises share the same business philosophy: we strive to offer the highest quality, best engineered products available anywhere. We design, develop and build the products that lead the industry and we back them up with the best customer service and a Lifetime Warranty.
     Another equally critical aspect of spindle manufacturing is the machine work itself. You can have the best castings available, but machine them on worn out equipment and you have sub-quality finished parts that may or may not fit. We machine every Early Classic Spindle in house using our new Haas Horizontal C.N.C. (Computer Numerical Control) Machining Center, allowing us to maintain tolerances within tenths of a thousandth (0.0001) of an inch.

The Original Drop Spindle

     Drop Spindles achieve their lowered stance by relocating the spindle pin higher in the casting, which in turn lowers the vehicle by an equal amount. The stock spring and shock absorber travel remain untouched, leaving the factory suspension geometry intact. Gone are the harsh ride and alignment problems common with other forms of lowering.

    Early Classic spindles are the original '60-'72 drop and stock height spindles, and are machined to accept your original tie rods and ball joints. While others offer later model parts that require changing your suspension components in order for them to fit, every Early Classic Spindle is designed for your specific year and model of truck.
   Early Classic Drop Spindles are engineered to lower your truck 2
½", allowing the maximum amount of front wheel backspacing on the market.


The Original Stock Disc Brake Conversion Spindle