Efren Flores' '72 Short Bed
Mission, Texas

Early Classic 4" & 6" Drop Kit, mouldings, side turn signals
502 crate engine, 700 R4 transmission

Hello There,
      I don't remember who I talked to on the 'net, but it was about 6 months ago. I promised a picture and some info on my '72 Short Bed. Sorry it took so much time, but finally I had a chance to do it.

      My name is Efren Flores Jr., and have had 5 years with my truck. I beefed it with a 502 crate engine, 700 R4 tranny, Ford 9" rear end, Hooker headers, paint job, your 4"-6" drop kit, mouldings, side turn signals, etc. I'm really impressed with my pickup, it's not as slick as yours but I guess it's pretty fair. It's running on 17" Centerlines with BFG tires.

      So it has been a pleasure having your parts and service, and thank you for everything, hope your workers, boss, manager, etc. enjoy hearing from their honest customers. So I hope to hear from you all soon and to see any new catalog you've come out with, the one I have is the '99 one. If I have to pay for a new one send me the bill with it. I'll be glad to receive it. (There's one on the way to you, and they are free!)

      Well, it has come to the end but my Early Classic spirit is always on!

Efren Flores, Mission, Texas