James Beidatsch's '63 Suburban

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New 502ci. 450 hp. Big Block crate engine, Dana Spicer 60 rearend 44 with 3:07 rear gears, TH400 transmission.
Factory GMC interior, glass and all removed parts. We were able to save all the glass!

Purchased for $1,400 in July 1999.

In the past I have recommended this power brake unit from Classic Performance Products. I am not longer endorsing their products. We had to replace this unit with a dual diaphragm unit from Early Classic Enterprises.
We have also installed the 2 1/2" dropped spindles, 1" dropped springs & front disc brakes. The front of our burb is now all '72 Chevy 1/2 ton truck! ECE knows trucks and what works! Unlike other suppliers who sell car parts that just don't work on our trucks!

We located our Suburban in Petaluma, California. My wife and I stripped the truck to a carcass leaving only the drivetrain intact. The paint shop removed all paint, then proceeded to replace all the rusted panels and dent repair. When completed the truck was shot first with PPG Hot & Wild Custard, then with Lemon Ice. We then proceeded to reassemble the truck in time for the Truckin' Nationals & Tahoe Truckin' Fun Run. Our truck still runs it's factory drivetrain. It has been lowered 2 1/2". We altered the factory colors and upholstery to suit our taste. The final touch was tinting all back windows. The truck is a 6 passenger version, giving lots of room for the kids on long trips.

James Beidatsch