Tim's '66 Custom Cab, Factory V8

2 speed PowerGlide, Factory Air Conditioning

Dear Dave,

     I thought I would drop a few lines to tell you that the brake lines and front brake hoses worked fine on my truck. I am sending a better picture of my truck for your Reader's Rides column. Maybe it is clear enough.
     I would like to tell your readers that if they are thinking about buying from another source, they will be making a big mistake. I think Early Classic Enterprises is the best on the market today.
     It's the easiest and most simple bolt on installation that I have ever seen. Everything fits perfect and is top quality.
The 4" & 6" Drop was perfect for my Custom Cab '66 Chevy truck.
     I would also like to say that the 2
½" Drop Spindles & 1½" Front Springs worked fine, and the Super Track Bar Kit did also.

Thank you so much for all your help,
Tim Coble