Classic Truck Trends, Annual 2004 - Go Farther
Not Only Bigger, But Better, Suburban Stainless Tank
Classic Trucks, August 2004 - Getting Pinned
Fixing Those Old-Age Sags
Classic Trucks, July 2004 - Project Old School
Xing Your X-Member Early Classic's Extreme Drop Crossmember
Classic Trucks, June 2004 - Get The Door Please
Sport Truck, March 2004 - Technical
Dropping The Big Ship Part 1

Sport Truck, May 2004 - Technical
Dropping The Big Ship Part 2
Classic Trucks, March 2004 - Tach It Up
Installing a Tach in a '64-'66 Chevy Truck
Truck Builder, October 2003 - Strong Arm Tactics
Installing Trailing Arm Reinforcement Kits
Classic Trucks, September 2003 - Enlightenment
Upgrading With LED's
Truck Builder, June 2003 - Stop That Truck
Make your '60-'72 Screech To A Halt
Truck Builder, June 2003 - Getting Tanked
Installing an Early Classic Fuel Tank
Classic Trucks, June 2003 - Spring Time
Coils vs. Leaf Springs
Custom Classic Trucks, June 2003 - It's Bedtime...
New Reproduction Bed
Classic Trucks, April 2003 - Swappin' And Droppin'
Swapping Rearends
Custom Classic Trucks, April 2003 - Longbed, No! - Shortbed, Yes!
Early Classic Long To Shortbed Conversion
Custom Classic Trucks, March 2003 - Let's Get Rolling
Rear Air Suspension Kit
Classic Trucks January 2003Classic Trucks, January 2003 - Taking The Sway Away
Simple and Affordable Better Handling
Custom Classic Trucks December 2002Custom Classic Trucks, December 2002 - Fearless Gears
C-10 Rear Axle Overhaul
Custom Classic Trucks October 2002Custom Classic Trucks, October 2002 - C20 To C10 Conversion
Front Suspension And Lowering Kit Installation

Classic Trucks, December 2000 - Part I
Restoring A Classic
Classic Trucks, January 2001 - Part II
How The Pros Handle A Rodstoration

    Classic Trucks, February 2001 Classic Trucks, February 2001 - Part III
    More C-10 Rodstoration
    Classic Trucks, March 2001 - Part IV
    The C-10 Gets Some Motorvation
    Classic Trucks, April 2001 - Part V
    The Saga Continues

    Classic Trucks, May 2001 - Part VI
    The Cockpit Comes Together
    Classic Trucks, August 2001 - Part VIII
    Buttoning Up The Dash Part
    Classic Trucks, September 2001 - Part IX
    Rebuilding Hinges And Hangin' Doors

    Classic Trucks, October 2001 - Part X
    Door Glass And Weatherstrip Installation
    Classic Trucks, November 2001 - Part XI
    Front-End assembly And Trim
    Classic Trucks, December 2001 - Part XII
    The Conclusion

    Truckin' June 2000 Truckin', June 2000 - High And Whoa
    Upgrade to Disc Brakes
    Classic Trucks June 2000 Classic Trucks, June 2000 - Straight To The Source
    The Early Classic Tour
    Chevy Truck May 2000 Chevy Truck, May 2000 - The Low Down
    Lower Your Blazer

    Classic Trucks March 1999 Classic Trucks, March 1999 - The Grand Slam
    Lower The Rear Of Your '65-'72
    Sport Truck February 1999 Sport Truck, February 1999 - OverBoard!
    Up Close With The '72 Cheyenne
    Sport Truck February 1999 Sport Truck, February 1999 - A Turn In The Right Direction
    New '68 GMC Underpinnings

    Chevy Truck September 1998 Chevy Truck, September 1998 - Shop Talk
    Wiring And Electrical Overhaul
    Custom Classic Trucks July 1998 Custom Classic Trucks, July 1998 - Early Braking
    '68 Chevy C-10 Drop Spindle & Disc Brake Conversion Installation
    Chevy Truck July 1998 Chevy Truck, July 1998 - Fixing Those Age Old Rattles
    Installing Early Classic's Door Seal Kit on 'This Old Truck'

    Chevy Truck May 1998 Chevy Truck, May 1998 - Shop Talk
    Tach It Up
    Chevy Truck March 1998 Chevy Truck, March 1998 - Editor Correction
    This Old Truck Revisited
    Chevy Truck January 1998 Chevy Truck, January 1998 - This (New) Old Truck
    The Sum Of The Parts Equals One Cool Truck


    Chevy Truck January 1998 Chevy Truck, January 1998 - This (New) Old Truck
    From Rolling Chassis To Finished Product
    Classic Trucks December 1997 Classic Trucks, December 1997 - Before And After
    Things That Go Bump In The Road Drop Spindles
    Chevy Truck November 1997 Chevy Truck, November 1997 - Updating With New Technology
    Building The Rolling Chassis