One of the best selling series of classic trucks, the '67-'72 Chevy C-10 models, are at an all time high in popularity these days. Although the sleek bodylines are similar throughout the six year span of their production, it seems the '71-'72 models have always been more popular for a number of reasons. One is that in '71, Chevrolet introduced front disc brakes as standard issue on every model. This, along with additional accessories and options to make them seem more car-like, made the later models more attractive. Although the '67-'70 models share similar looks, the majority seem to have been ordered with work in mind instead of comfort and style. This poses a problem to the enthusiasts wanting a customized truck.
   Lowering an earlier model C-10,

as well as upgrading to disc brakes, just became a whole lot easier with a new Drop spindle/Disc Brake Conversion kit available from Early Classic Enterprises. They offer an American-made drop spindle that is actually machined to bolt on to the stock '60-'70 ball joints and tie-rod ends. This eliminates the need to change the front suspension components to accept later model spindles.
   Before the Early Classic kit, the drawback to converting to disc brakes was the wheel lug pattern availability. All GM C-10 model trucks through '70 came equipped with six-lug wheels, while in '71 the disc brakes changed to the popular five-lug pattern. If you converted the suspension components to accept later model disc brakes, you ended up with a five-lug

wheel pattern in front, while maintaining the original six-lug rear axle.   Early Classic solved this problem by introducing their brand-new six-lug front brake rotors, thereby allowing the '60-'70 C-10 owners the ability to lower their truck, upgrade to the much safer disc brakes and maintain the stock six-lug pattern all in one package.
   Follow along as we show the step-by-step installation on Early Classic's '68 C-10 "Shop Truck Buildup" project. Early Classic plans to take this stock original shortbed and turn it into a daily driver/parts chaser with all the great upgrades like a Premium Performance overdrive tranny, custom Autosound stereo, InLine Tube stainless plumbing and more.

   The Early classic disc brake drop spindle kit comes complete with your choice of five or six-lug rotors. Their spindles are machined in-house, and are designed to use the '71-'90 C-10 disc brake components, which supply more than enough stopping power for the early model trucks.

1. After placing the truck on jack stands and removing the front wheels, the outer tie rod end is removed to allow the spindle to pivot. Next the brake drum is lifted off to access the steering arm attaching bolts. Removal of the arm will give clearance to pop the lower ball joint loose.

2. The next step is to remove the brake hose and drain the brake system.