Fixing Those Age-Old Rattles

Installing Early Classic's door seal kit on "This Old Truck"

Text and Photography by Dave Clark

Nothing is more frustrating than cruising down the highway in your classic Chevy truck and not being able to listen to the stereo over the howl of the wind through worn-out door seals and wing window vents. Combine that with door glass that rattles and sloppy door hinges and you have a truck that just isn't that fun to drive.
   Early Classic Enterprises now offers a complete door seal kit that enables '67-'72 Chevy and GMC truck owners to eliminate the annoying wind noise and rattles that come from old age. They can also supply new door latch and window regulator assemblies, as well as door hinge rebuild kits. This project is a complete rebuild, with all new latch and window regulator components which may not have to be replaced on every vehicle. To avoid any unnecessary expense, Early Classic recommends inspecting your door components for wear before purchasing any new parts.
   Follow along as the folks at Early Classic rebuild the door assemblies on their Project '72 "This Old Truck."

1. Since this project is a frame-off restoration, the doors have been removed from the vehicle to allow them to be completely refinished. With the exception of the door hinge rebuild, all of the following steps can be performed with the doors in place on the truck. Begin by removing the window crank, door handle and armrest to allow the door panel to be removed.

2. The door glass channel run needs to be removed to allow clearance for the wing window assembly removal. The door glass channel located in the lower rear section of the door also needs to first be removed. this will allow the door glass to slide back, giving enough clearance to remove the wing window assembly.

3. The window regulator and door glass are next on the removal list. Detach the regulator from the door shell and slide the regulator arms out of the glass track. The door glass seals need to be removed to allow clearance for the glass removal.