For those of you who are into '60-'70 Chevy trucks and want the safety that front disc brakes offer, Early Classic Enterprises has the upgrade you have been looking for. The company's kit replaces the stock two-piece spindle and drum brakes with a new and stronger one-piece spindle and disc brake system that bolts right on.
   The Early Classic kit provides everything you need to give your Chevy the braking power the factory didn't: spindles; rotors; calipers that are already fitted with Raybestos pads; bearings; a hard brake line to the front brakes; a T fitting and an adapter line to connect the stock rear line to the new proportioning valve; as well as all the necessary hardware.
   A new master cylinder with the correct valving that is needed to operate the disc brakes is also part of the kit.
   The supplied master cylinder will work the new brakes, but for those who don't want to muscle their brakes, Early Classic can also furnish the customer with a new GM vacuum-assisted master cylinder to make sure your new disc brakes (not your leg) work to their maximum.
   This is a bolt-on affair that can be accomplished in a day. All the parts are well made, and the fit and finish is excellent.
For information on this kit or for any other part that Early Classic Enterprises offers, give the staff a call at (559) 291-1611.

1. The Early Classic stock height spindle is a bolt-on piece that replaces the stock two-piece unit.

2. With the truck safely and securely up on jack stands, remove the front wheel and drain the brake fluid.

3. Remove the cotter pin and the nut that is holding the tie rod. If the nut is hard to remove, use some WD-40.

4. Usually all it takes to get the tie rod loose is a sharp rap with a big hammer, though it may take a pickle fork to get them apart.