The Chassis

The saga continues, and our C-10 has started going back together without a hitch. In last month's installment we covered the final chassis disassembly, we outlined the removal of the brake and fuel lines, the parking brake assemblies, and the rear end and suspension.
     Speaking of last month's installment, it seems as though I make a couple of questionable statements there. When I broached the subject of rear-end removal I inadvertently suggested detaching the forward ends of the trailing arms during the initial removal of the rear-end (please refer to last month's installment). Early Classic Enterprise's Dave Clark informed me that the disassembly would be a bit less of a chore if that particular step was performed after the rear-end was disconnected and lowered from the chassis. He also mentioned

that the front coil springs could easily be removed without the use of a spring compressor (again refer to last month's installment). He told me that with the lower control arm supported by a floor jack, all you have to do is loosen (not remove!) the lower ball joint nut and give the spindle a whack where the ball joint stud enters the spindle, to loosen the ball joint stud from the spindle. Once the ball joint is unseated, just lower the floor jack and pull out the unloaded spring. Sounds good to me. That said, let's get on with the project.
     Here we'll take a peek at some more re-assembly. This will include the installation of a set of KYB gas-charged shocks, an ECE lowered Sway Bar Kit, a remanufactured ECE Steering Box, as well as the balance of the truck's steering components.