The original big-block received a total rebuild
   In preparation for its reinstallation, the pickups original big-block received a total rebuild at the talented hands of Jerry D'Ambrosia and crew at Larry's Automotive. Jerry found that one cylinder was worn slightly oversized, so the decision to over-bore the cylinders .030-inch was made. An RV camshaft and 9:1 compression pistons were added to insure that this motor will perform satisfactorily on pump gas.

Well, as you can see, the guys at Early Classic Enterprises aren't letting any grass grow under their feet that's for sure. They've gotten the complete tear down handled and the chassis prep and re-assembly nearly totally buttoned up, and all of it in a matter of weeks (I guess that's why they're called pros). so far, the C-10 (referred to by the guys as Red Fred by the way) has come a long way. Its rapidly moved from a more than slightly road weary driver to a truck that's well on its way to becoming a classic that's destined to be as at home on the show circuit as it will be whisking parts around town.
This month we'll check out a bit more of the pickup's re-assembly. The original big-block has been gone through and a new Jet Performance 700-R4 automatic added to the mix. We'll also see the addition of a new custom exhaust system (complete with Flowmaster Series 70 mufflers), a quartet of Halibrand's new 'Vintage Machined Kidney Bean wheels (wrapped in Toyo Tire's latest light truck offering), and a custom hand-fabricated fuel tank to boot. So, sit back and take a look at the latest phase in Early Classic Enterprise's extremely thorough and rapidly progressing rodstoration.