The cab shell

      Now that the chassis is buttoned up, the drive train handled, and the cab shell has been mounted, the guys at ECE have begun to focus on the hundreds of details that'll make this puppy roadworthy again. And, seeing as the plan is transforming the Chevy into a more refined and enjoyable vehicle than it was when it rolled off the assembly line, special attention is being paid to nearly every remaining facet of its rodstoration.
      In this installment we'll follow along as the cab begins to go back together. The crew has started out in the proper fashion, that is, starting from the bottom and working their way up.

   So, in this vein, work began at floor level with the installation of a base of Dynamat sound and vibration deadening material throughout the cab. In addition to the Dynamat material, original reproduction ECE firewall insulating panels were used, as well. Next came the electrical system upgrade. This was accomplished with the installation of a complete exact-fit replacement wiring harness/fuse box assembly. Along with the replacement wiring harness ECE opted to replace the wear items like the truck's wiper/washer motor and switch, the ignition switch, and even a replacement lighted cigarette lighter.