The cab, ready for re-assembly

Among other cool upgrades, this month's installment of EC Resto will encompass the assembly and installation of Early Classic's replacement instrument Cluster. What makes this cluster such a desirable addition is the fact that Early Classic also offers repros of the optional factory tach and vacuum gauge to go along with it, and though it negates the opportunity for those fun-filled wrecking yard hunting expositions, it does give one much more time for actual assembly.

In addition to this we'll also see how the guys fabricated a rear sill assembly that'll allow them to install a late '90s package tray into the '68's cab, and the installation of a plush new carpet kit from Auto Custom Carpet. Next issue we'll observe the re-assembly and reinstallation of the doors, and the balance of the cab's glass. Until then, check out what they've accomplished since last month.