Who says you have to have billet and tweed to have a show-quality interior? The early '70's Corvette wheel and Custom Autosound stereo are the only non-stock items here, but it looks as classy as anything you're likely to see on the show field.

By Kevin Lee

 An attitude seemingly shared by the show crowd is that to deserve attention, you must have a wild, built-to-the-hilt sport truck. To comply with that attitude, truck owners shave, relocate, or rework parts. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, we all love to crawl around those kinds of trucks to get some ideas for our own projects. But every once in a while, a truck comes along whose simplicity knocks us off our feet.
   A case in point: Dave Clark's '72 Chevy Cheyenne Super shortbed Fleetside. Take a look at the photos and the only exterior mods you'll see are a lowered stance and American Racing Torque-Thrust II wheels - it's even painted the factory two-tone colors but looks absolutely right-on. And the closer you look, the better it looks.
   Dave is no newcomer to vintage GM trucks. He owns and operates Early Classic Enterprises in Fresno, California, which specializes in chassis components and reproduction items for those trucks. In fact, that's how this pickup came to be: Dave originally purchased the truck to be a test bed for the many parts and pieces he carries for his business.
   The original plan was for a nice driver, but it wasn't long after the bare chassis came back from Blastech in Fresno with a fresh coat of satin-black powder paint that Dave realized the truck was going in a new direction. Soon all the chassis components were also powder painted and reassembled with new gold-anodized hardware. If there's an original bolt left on this truck, it will be hard to find.
   The only choice for Dave was to use his own suspension parts to lower his latest project. For the front, Early Classic Enterprises supplied 2
½-inch-dropped spindles and 1½-inch-dropped coils, which are complemented by KYB Gas shocks and a 1¼-inch-diameter sway bar. The stopping power in the front is handled by an Early Classic Enterprises cross-drilled 12-inch rotor disc brake kit. To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the suspension was assembled with all new Moog Automotive rubber and suspension rebuild parts.