A one-owner, all-original, big-block powered -68 Chevy CST short-bed

   Being the classic truck buffs we are, it's safe to say that nearly all of us have completed (or are in the process of completing) at least a few steps of an earl pickup resto/rodstoration project on our own. And though we've all turned a wrench or two, tweaking this, replacing that, and generally making a few modifications here and there, there's a large percentage of us that for any number of reasons have never attempted a complete ground-up rebuild. A lot of times it's the fact that our rides are our daily drivers and we can't have 'em off the road for extended periods (even though we'd like to). Sometimes we just don't have the ready cash to initiate a total rebuild. And when we do, maybe we're just a bit apprehensive about the correct way to go about the whole procedure.
   Well, we all know that someday we will have the opportunity, the ready cash, and the willingness to start a ground-up rebuild. So, to prepare ourselves for just such an event, we contacted the experts at Early Classic Enterprises to see if they'd be willing to give us the lowdown on how to approach a project of this magnitude correctly. And, as luck would have it, our timing was perfect and we were able to hook up with them in the beginning phases of a total rodstoration. The guys at Early Classic had picked a one-owner, all-original, big-block powered -68 Chevy CST short-bed as their subject. It's a relatively rare piece and certainly deserved a complete makeover, and we thought it'd be a perfect truck to follow from start to finish.
   The idea behind this rebuild story was to show our readers just how to go about transforming a truck from a solid (but tired) stocker to a fresh, updated classic pickup. And, to do so using a myriad of quality aftermarket parts from not only Early classic Enterprises' vast selection, but from many of the quality manufacturers you've come to know through your own dealings (and of course through their advertisements in CLASSIC TRUCKS). It'll be a long, and at times, involved process so we'll continue the build-up over the course of the next few months, so get ready to follow along. I think we're all going to gain some valuable tips and insights on the resto/rodstoration process from some really knowledgeable gents.

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