Early Classic's tachometer kit includes a new tachometer, two-piece inner case, instrument lens, printed circuit board and wiring harness. Also shown is their new reproduction chrome instrument bezel with black face.

   One of the more rare options available for '67-'72 Chevy and GMC trucks is the factory in-dash mounted tachometer, located in the center pod between the speedometer and fuel gauge. Only a small percentage of trucks were equipped from the factory with this option, which explains why they are so hard to find at your local salvage yard. Complete used tach assemblies can be found at most of the automotive swap meets, but most often you are faced with having to take the seller's word on its working condition.
   Early Classic Enterprises now offers a factory tachometer conversion kit that will allow you to install an in-dash tachometer in your classic '67-'72 truck with no special tools required. Included in the kit are the eight-cylinder tachometer, two-piece inner case, instrument lens, printed circuit board and wiring harness. They also offer new instrument bezels in either chrome or chrome with a black face.
   Follow along as we show you how to install Early Classic's tach kit in their Project '72 "This Old Truck."

1. After removing the instrument panel from the dash, begin the disassembly process by removing the light bulbs from the back side of the assembly.

3. Carefully lift off the old printed circuit board. The new printed circuit is designed to fit over the new tachometer with an opening to allow for the tachometer wiring harness.

2. The first order of business is to remove the printed circuit board. Start by removing the 5/16-inch nuts that attach the circuit to the back of the water, amp and fuel gauges. You may need to use an open end wrench to prevent the nut from spinning and tearing the printed circuit.

4. Remove the ¼-inch screws that attach the back cover to the outer bezel. This allows you to remove both lower gauge assemblies which contain the water, amp and oil pressure gauges.