Wiring and Electrical Overhaul

One important aspect of every classic truck, whether it's your daily-driver or an occasionally driven show truck, is the wiring and electrical system.  It seems that every truck we see needs some type of electrical work to repair damage, either from old age, previous owner's attempts at stereo installation, or additional electronic components.  Either way, it can become a nightmare trying to patch up the factory wiring to correct any past problems.  Fortunately, classic vehicle owners and restorers now have the option of replacing their original wiring with exact reproduction harnesses from a number of aftermarket suppliers.
     We chose M&H Electric Fabricators in Santa Fe Springs, California, to supply us with a complete wiring harness setup for our Project '72.  M&H manufactures a vast array of exact reproduction wiring harnesses, along with battery cables, spark plug wires, and switches for the '55-and-newer models as well.
     Our GM Performance Parts ZZ4 crate motor utilizes the HEI electronic distributor,  which requires different wiring connectors than the original
 points distributor.

1. Before installing the main under dash harness, the wiper motor and pedal assembly are installed.  It is also much easier to install the new Early Classic dash pad while the dash is still disassembled.


  M&H updated our engine harness to accept the electronic ignition, along with upgrading the forward lamp harness to accept the newer and more reliable internal regulator alternator.